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Covid-19 certificate: A Valais start-up in the race

Pascal Detemmerman, co-founder of the start-up eLoop, hopes that his application will be the solution chosen by the FOPH for issuing Covid-19 certificates. - Héloïse Maret / Le Nouvelliste

The Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) has just announced this. It is working hard to issue a certificate of vaccination that should be valid in Switzerland and abroad from June. A Covid-19 certificate decided by the Parliament and included in the Covid-19 law.

In this context, a Valais start-up intends to try its luck. The company eLoop, based in Crans- Montana, has created its own digitalized and secure vaccination booklet via an application to be downloaded onto a smartphone. The application called PIC is currently being tested in medical practices and centres in France. It is not limited to the coronavirus vaccine: certifications for other vaccines can be recorded too. PIC also allows you to register the result of a serological test, which can be used to prove your immunity to Covid-19.

Security, the major issue
For Pascal Detemmerman, co-founder of eLoop and founder of several start-ups in the health sector since 2006, the major challenge of such an application is data security. This is all the more important given that the platform, with which the FOPH had been collaborating since 2011, was recently deactivated following data protection shortcomings revealed by an investigation by the media outlet Republic.

Pascal Detemmerman explains that his application differs from this platform by using blockchain. "A technology that is very rarely used in the field of digital health and that guarantees a very high level of security. This certificate is 100% compatible with the basic regulation on data protection", he assures.

In concrete terms, on the PIC application, data entry is entirely managed by the user. The doctor only has to certify the information in a few clicks. "This avoids adding administrative tasks to health professionals. We are convinced that the application, which is very easy to use, has a future, and not only for Covid-19.

1) The patient enters his or her information before the vaccination.
2) He can also delegate everything to the pro
3) Then he views his vaccines awaiting certification.
4) Finally, the patient validates himself, his information in the BlockChain.
5) All detailed vaccination records are available in the application with follow-up alerts and reminders. ( In the my vaccin passport section)
6) Constantly integrated vaccine updates ( is found in the news section)
7) It is also possible to integrate the vaccination records of your children or relatives. ( In the family
section of the app) 8) A fully signed, certified and forgery-proof certificate can be shared with a health professional or any other authorised person. ( Through the certificate icon in the app)
9) Finally but not the least, a personal file with a lot of useful information related to immunity and vaccines can be found in the ‘ Menu’ section in the App.
* Refer the image above for better understanding.
Becoming the reference application

In this time trial for the introduction of the Covid-19 certificate before the summer, the start-up contacted the FOPH to present its product. For the time being, the FOPH is working on the technical requirements and content necessary for the Covid-19 certificate, which will be a "personal and unforgeable proof". Nani Moras, communications officer at the FOPH, adds: "International developments are also being closely monitored to ensure the compatibility of the certificate. On the basis of the requirements, an appropriate solution will then be examined. Many companies have approached the FOPH with proposed solutions, all of which will be included in the evaluation. A preliminary decision has not yet been made. Pascal Detemmerman said he had also contacted the State of Valais. Victor Fournier, head of the public health department, stresses that it is not the canton's role to launch a pilot project in connection with a vaccination booklet. "This is a national or even supranational issue. If there were to be a test project in Valais with this application, it would have to come from the Confederation," he concludes. To know more, please visit: ESH Media Group : Le Nouvelliste - Arcinfo - La Côte - OhBox - La Clé - Jobeo - OhPass - Winterpass - ID Loisirs 2021 Le Nouvelliste - created by iomedia