Photos Jan, 2021
An interesting article published in the Tribune de Genève on digital passports

Who would have imagined, even a year ago, that to travel within Europe we would have to justify our health status? Negative screening tests are required to enter a particular country, quarantine depending on the country of origin, and perhaps soon we will have to justify one's vaccination. And who knows if the demands made at the borders will not spread to other micro-territories, from music festivals to major sporting events? What would have been a good dystopian scenario not so long ago has become a reality with the Covid crisis.

Introduction of the mandatory negative PCR test for entering or re-entering Switzerland by air, the same in France, and a ban on leaving the country in Belgium: while countries are shaking up in the face of the new variant of the virus, the obstacles to movement are spreading throughout Europe and are likely to continue. At the same time, however, these chicanes are slowing down the world's progress, so governments and private players are also looking for solutions to reconnect the planet. In Europe, the Mediterranean countries, worried about their tourist industry this summer, are dreaming of a 'health passport' that will allow vaccinated people to travel across the continent without constraint. An option considered premature by other States as long as the behaviour of the vaccines is not yet very well known. But the project is on the table.

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