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eLOOP is transforming the way healthcare organizations manage their interaction with patients. Our technology platform serves as the foundation for the rapid creation, exchange, and management of critical healthcare information, and consumer data in a fully-interoperable, privacy-protecting manner. eLOOP is on a mission to increase transparency, security in healthcare.

  • eLOOP is an international platform reaching out and connecting people around the world.
  • eLOOP is your digital medical companion, anytime, anywhere. Providing you with a variety of services at your fingertips, for example connecting you on the spot with your doctor.
  • eLOOP has a "state-of-the-art" platform developed on Blockchain, fully secured, 100% GDPR compatible, providing different types of applications.
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This application serves to keep records of your vaccines and immunity certified by your own medical doctors. When you are travelling across borders or regions, authorities like the Government, Immigration, Airports can screen the data on this app in a safe and secure manner as we use blockchain technology to ensure 100% authenticity.

Features of PIC :

  • Easily record vaccination data certified by your doctor for your immunity passport
  • Download and share your immunity passport
  • Read regular news related to healthcare, vaccination and immunisation
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Our Platforms

eLOOP brings you the best medical guidance to ensure your health safety and secure your medical records. Our applications serves as a foundation in bringing petients & healthcare professionals together and assists in providing hassle-free solutions.
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This digital, mobile, indelible, and 100% GDPR compatible immunity and vaccination certificate can be presented from your smartphone at any time with one click to any authority who requests it.


Pulse is an application that provides remote medical diagnosis to your health problems and accompanies you with the most feasible treatment.


VIP is a multilingual virtual platform providing Expert Medical Second Opinions around the world. It connects you with over 1000 of the leading experts in various medical specialties.

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Are you tired of being at home and want to get away from it all and travel? But the idea of traveling seems a huge burden to you due to all the health certificates you need to provide! Don't worry, we have the ideal solution for you.
Every month, in the Valaisan health ecosystem, we showcase some of our innovative projects that set a bench for the future of medicines and the healthcare department. At the beginning of 2021, we are starting with a new portrait that highlights the Valaisan company eLoop Group, which is developing the eLoop PIC solution: a vaccination and immunity passport at Covid-19, fully digitalized and secure.
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